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things... - burnt out/still glowing
i want in a girlfriend

  • trust
  • stability
  • unquestioning love
  • the ability to spoon
  • the ability to hold drink
  • the ability to make me laugh
  • possessiveness [the good kind]¹
  • to be my best friend
  • to challenge me and stimulate me mentally
  • to inspire me
  • to fuck my brains out
  • respect

    i don't want in a girlfriend

  • over-sensitivity
  • histrionics
  • loudness
  • a smoker
  • jealousy
  • insecurity
  • mind-games
  • possessiveness [the bad kind]¹
  • if she can't name four albums by The Cure...

    ¹to possess and hold something tight, to cherish. not to stifle. not to squeeze the life out of.
  • xx