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shattered as a snow-globe without snow. - burnt out/still glowing
shattered as a snow-globe without snow.
my mind hasn't felt
this mixed up since
last december when my
brain was humming like
a kitten in a blender


scarecrow jumping
on a trampoline
falling apart
at the seems


dying, in an empty bed on an empty stomach
2 : xx
aimlessblue From: aimlessblue Date: 1st September 2008 19:52 (UTC) ([+])
I was looking for this. It's always been my favorite.
I knew you so very long ago, you are so inconsistently consistent in my life. I hope we continue to keep finding each other. It's your turn next, I found you last.
loveless From: loveless Date: 2nd September 2008 15:57 (UTC) ([+])
into our 30s !
2 : xx