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back home [in California] - burnt out/still glowing
back home [in California]
i've been down South for the past week. i found that when you try to change English pounds into American dollars in Tennessee you get asked what kinda currency it is, to which you reply 'English pound' to which they reply 'what country is it from?'. also...

  • we played in the creek at the bottom of Cindy's mums garden.
  • went to the stinky Jack Daniels Distillery in the deserted town of Lynchburg
  • ate 5 [mini] cheeseburgers each at White Castle and we weren't even high.
  • ate some grits
  • listened to endless war stories as told by this Hungarian rogue
  • saw Nashville
  • oh! & some waterfalls
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    toyworld From: toyworld Date: 23rd March 2008 10:29 (UTC) ([+])
    why would you ever leave england for america!
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