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this is what i have: purple shoes £55 in cash a girlfriend and… - burnt out/still glowing
this is what i have:
  • purple shoes
  • £55 in cash
  • a girlfriend and best friend in one
  • two cats
  • alcoholism in the genes
  • a good head of hair
  • gigs to attend
  • a huge healthy appetite
  • Sid James' dirty laugh
  • an editing complex
  • a white mobile phone
  • mum and dad
  • a nice sized dvd collection
  • impulsive thoughts
  • the zeal to turn thought into action [this is new]
  • a plane ticket

    this is what i don't have:
  • a comfortable bed
  • patience
  • a job any more
  • faith in my leader, this system, my government or yours. George Galloway for Prime Minister.
  • a dog to walk
  • the want to socialise
  • education
  • a big enough suitcase
  • enough memory [gb's and the brainy kind]
  • ex's with empty lives asking questions
  • The Ice at the Bottom of the World. i've always wanted that book.
  • a library
  • a football team who will win and make me happy
  • enough beer
  • 2 : xx
    From: alexiswagner Date: 11th March 2008 17:08 (UTC) ([+])
    dogs help with the faith thing.
    I don't have one, now.
    loveless From: loveless Date: 11th March 2008 17:32 (UTC) ([+])
    i've sort of adopted my girlfriends dog. she is so jealous and kinda insane.
    2 : xx