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Little Cindy's diary confessions. - burnt out/still glowing
Little Cindy's diary confessions.
no, i haven't slept in days, thanks for noticing.

isn't he sexy? ugh. it kind of kills me. ok more than kind of. remember how i said that most boys vaguely disgust me? not so this one EVER. when i was 17 i had no idea what sexy was but i was soooooooooo in love with him. he is like no one i have ever met. "met." i don't care i can say it the regular way too because i know it's true. anyway he is beautiful and mineeeeeeeeee, be jealous."


he is soooo dreamy it kills me. he woke me up this morning with a
phone call and i dangerously thought "i could get used to this"

carla what if he breaks my heart


ugh, famous last words. i have always loved him, isn't that weird.