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erasures. - burnt out/still glowing
beneath the wide tracks of dust / something written and erased / a familiar face / a prayer to nobody who listens / about nothing important, anyway
2 : xx
vanishing From: vanishing Date: 4th September 2004 23:01 (UTC) ([+])

sing me to sleep.

i want to be your little sister,
i think you're older than me in everything but age,
and i've always wanted a big brother.
you're tired of being an only child, aren't you?
come on, lets go.
From: (Anonymous) Date: 22nd June 2005 19:12 (UTC) ([+])


i know you are watching over me, as corny as that may sound. it's only been 73 hours since your soul slipped off into oblivion but i already know the moment will play on forever in my life. i hated you. i mourned you. i cursed you, for leaving. i will always love you.

life is a wheel and once it rotates, always returns to its original place on the axis. your absence uncovered the meaning of the childhood nightmare of jesus swarmed by butterflies, just as it allowed me to see the shadow's smile once more. like you said, "everything returns to it's proper place" in time. and i know, one day, we will be reunited.

but now, i am alone down here and you are with them. and my life will go on for sometime, and i will carry this burden with me: the pain, of your leaving me.

thoughtless laughs.

endless tears.



your ex-wife.

sometimes sunshine.

others rain.

the weather.


people- these things change.

but somewhere.


outside space.

between reality and fate,

through truth and trite,

black and light,

there is a Star.



hanging brightly.

you registered it six years ago this day.

in image was given a name

but once you uncovered the whys...

and hows...

of what became of your star (just as i no longer feared darkness and uncovered the identity of the man behind the l.e.t.t.e.r.5.), you thanked me later for talking you into choosing a name that gave a life to this star, as it meant so much to you- even though i saw buying stars in a world of darkness to be a perfect scam :)

from then on,

It became our star.

and me&you,

well, we will both burn out.

make our marks.

for a moment in time

drift on.

but ever eye/i peer through a window.

locate a map.

or be shielded by cover.

to dream.

to write the words.

to someone else's favourite

sad sad song.

there it shall be.

"It is That that is"

just as my love for you





forever glowing.

incapable of time.

2 : xx