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you will never be alone, you hear so deep a sound when autumn… - burnt out/still glowing
you will never be alone,
you hear so deep a sound when autumn comes
yellow pulls across the hills and thrums,
or the silence after lightning before it says its names
and then the clouds’ wide mouthed apologies
you were aimed from birth: you will never be alone
rain will come, a gutter filled, an amazon, long aisles
you never heard so deep a sound, moss on rock, and years
you turn your head, that’s what the silence meant
you’re not alone
the whole wide world pours down
25 : xx
seeingalexander From: seeingalexander Date: 5th September 2005 20:52 (UTC) ([+])


I am laika- you are nice, too. I found you on Last.fm.
From: crazy_julio Date: 10th September 2005 21:52 (UTC) ([+])
I just read through your livejournal.

I think that I am completely blown away.
From: lastditchopera Date: 15th September 2005 03:38 (UTC) ([+])
hello, little one.
loveless From: loveless Date: 18th September 2005 09:23 (UTC) ([+])
Mm. nice rims.
From: lastditchopera Date: 2nd October 2005 11:29 (UTC) ([+])
Yes? Thank you. Where have you been? And how?
From: licorice_pirate Date: 11th October 2005 02:41 (UTC) ([+])
parisforayear From: parisforayear Date: 17th October 2005 14:57 (UTC) ([+])
I have something frightening to tell you! I accidentally found your Myspace!!! This morning I was eating breakfast and had "Morning Bell" positively stuckkk in my head, and decided to add the song to my Myspace profile because, of course, I love it ... and went to myspace.com/radiohead to see if they had it on there ... and voila, it was you! Strannnggge. I almost fell over. :P
loveless From: loveless Date: 19th October 2005 09:04 (UTC) ([+])


unwitting stalker!

what's yours?
loveless From: loveless Date: 19th October 2005 09:42 (UTC) ([+])
scratch that.

whiplash girlchild in the dark.
parisforayear From: parisforayear Date: 21st October 2005 03:07 (UTC) ([+])
terminator From: terminator Date: 17th October 2005 15:15 (UTC) ([+])
get online, nig
From: lil_kitty77 Date: 22nd October 2005 11:39 (UTC) ([+])
Hello - I can't remember exactly how I found your journal, but I like reading your posts. I have added you, hope you don't mind. Let me know if you do.
loveless From: loveless Date: 2nd November 2005 22:18 (UTC) ([+])
oh sure, i'll add you back over on my journal where i actually use my friends list (but i write here).
headoverheels From: headoverheels Date: 29th October 2005 03:53 (UTC) ([+])


My birthday was typical. How was yours? Filled with cherries, bubbles, kisses and cake, I hope. Or at the very least some booze and a lucky flooz.

Happy belated birfday, Snidey.
From: amant_d_amour Date: 2nd November 2005 21:24 (UTC) ([+])

I like that poem

Did you write it?
From: amant_d_amour Date: 2nd November 2005 23:06 (UTC) ([+])
Thanks for the author, I'll look it up.. And thanks for the p.S. that's me and a friend. :-)

P.S. Do you have an accent?
loveless From: loveless Date: 2nd November 2005 23:08 (UTC) ([+])
i do. a London one, matey. you like accents?
From: amant_d_amour Date: 2nd November 2005 23:10 (UTC) ([+])
Yes, I love accents, specially english ones.. ;-)
nympholept From: nympholept Date: 8th November 2005 05:43 (UTC) ([+])
Still no word i take it?
irrect From: irrect Date: 23rd November 2005 19:11 (UTC) ([+])
hey remember me!?!?
loveless From: loveless Date: 27th November 2005 12:41 (UTC) ([+])
stripey sweater!
nympholept From: nympholept Date: 11th December 2005 14:27 (UTC) ([+])
i think they've forgotton
5000 From: 5000 Date: 29th December 2005 15:58 (UTC) ([+])

a question about the cure community?

hello there.
you have incredible taste in music.
i joined your cure community a while back and read it daily.
the reason i'm writing you is because i'd like to post a thread to see if there are other members who have bands influenced by the cure, because i'd like to check out their songs and maybe find some similarly-minded bands - i am in a band that is hugely influenced by the cure (as well as MBV, joy division, echo and the bunnymen, all that good stuff) - and there simply aren't many around here in philly, pa with similar influences. i thought the cure community would be a great opportunity to find some cool bands, but i am sensitive to the fact that it is a CURE board and i don't want to cause an unwanted disruption. so i figured i'd drop you a line to see if it would be okay. thanks for your time, and for putting together the community.

take care,
loveless From: loveless Date: 29th December 2005 16:05 (UTC) ([+])

Re: a question about the cure community?

since you asked so politely, sure. make a post. usually i just delete members posting their damn band myspaces trying to somehow make it cure-related but it's usually ultimately a thinly veiled spam-promo fest.

happy holidays

5000 From: 5000 Date: 29th December 2005 16:10 (UTC) ([+])

Re: a question about the cure community?

thanks, mart!
in my post, i will try to discourage people from turning it into something obnoxious.

happy holidays to you too!

25 : xx