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twirled myself into my final knot - burnt out/still glowing
twirled myself into my final knot
three years lay gone
upon the floor
my locks
shorn it all off
hadn't planned to
the sun is fucking hot

hope the back looks OK
8 : xx
julie_nova From: julie_nova Date: 20th June 2005 21:23 (UTC) ([+])
I know someone who grew her honey blonde hair to her waist for a charity that takes human hair to make wigs for cancer patients. then. snip. if that's the back, it looks good
From: (Anonymous) Date: 23rd June 2005 22:40 (UTC) ([+])
you've got a princess waiting in the grave. she’s greedy and keeps her legs spread open, she doesn’t care if you feed her with lies.
From: (Anonymous) Date: 24th June 2005 05:49 (UTC) ([+])

hey kiddo

i'v been missing you. a lot. but, i hope you had a nice week and are having a wonderful day. xoxox

feedthetree From: feedthetree Date: 27th June 2005 13:12 (UTC) ([+])
i actually saw you on MOC
and was searching for people who like various things ( six feet under, plath etc etc) and you came up with each search i did.

so here i am.


From: (Anonymous) Date: 27th June 2005 19:01 (UTC) ([+])
2 mirrors.
I'll hold one.
thewaitingsong From: thewaitingsong Date: 28th June 2005 15:07 (UTC) ([+])
you think you're sly
vanishing From: vanishing Date: 30th June 2005 07:16 (UTC) ([+])


the entry i was going to reply to disappeared, or i imagined it...

+2 months and a smirk
headoverheels From: headoverheels Date: 4th July 2005 22:19 (UTC) ([+])
I'll follow you.
8 : xx