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push my buttons. - burnt out/still glowing
push my buttons.
7 : xx
sixshadesofgrey From: sixshadesofgrey Date: 2nd May 2005 04:50 (UTC) ([+])
There. I pushed em all.

sporked_04 From: sporked_04 Date: 8th May 2005 08:45 (UTC) ([+])
Is was wondering, if you do not use your "one" account anymore, if you would consider giving me the username? I would be extremely grateful! You can email me at thesamkills@gmail.com with a yes or no. Sorry to be a bother. Hope to hear from you.

From: (Anonymous) Date: 19th May 2005 09:30 (UTC) ([+])
**********************Take Your Pick***********************************

Hubagoose why does it always rain on me, is it cause i wanted to die when i was in my sleep. however another dull day, another grey ray, howcomes a lot of metal heads wear long hair and dye it red, with big black eyes and their dirrrty lies.

they try to be retro trendy but look like they're fresh from the metro kenzie, yes the little kid from blazin squad that looks like a frog. these issues pass me by as my wrists start to bleed and cry.

rock and roll is dead cause it was shut down by the feds, the guitar blazes while the strings remind us of the crazies, jiggering about like a jack in a box, jack in a squat rocking his cot.


S-pecial sundance
I-n the grass
L-iving nature
V-ertigo blossoms
E-ver after
R-espect my laughter

T-ogether till death
E-lope when broke
D-ie when high

We wish you a merry christmas, love child. Believe in who you are, i always have since you were a bonnie lassie. you could never let me down, no matter how much you frown at this peculiar message. Just remember where there's a smile a swan has had another LOVE CHILD.
vanishing From: vanishing Date: 21st May 2005 08:50 (UTC) ([+])

empty stomach, full mind.


someone recommended that site to me, for image hosting. one gig free space and no file limits. for that mysterious pic that you needed big resolution for. unless you've moved on and it's irrelevant now. i find myself irrelevant a lot, these days.

i wish you were on right now. i was in bed, briefly. you know when you wake up in the middle of the night and it feels like you're pacing, in your head? and you toss and you turn but no matter how much you spin you can't fall back down into unconsciousness. i'm sure there's no one awake to talk to for miles. me and the moon, and a growling stomach. i feel hungover even though i haven't touched a drop for weeks.

i had a moment the other day, right after i talked to you last, actually. i was driving home from work and it was still light out for a change. i put on the classical music station to make me feel calmer, especially since i got stuck behind a big truck on the highway (they scare me). suddenly i noticed little things flying out from the back of the truck and hitting my windshield. i was annoyed until i realized what they were. FEATHERS. i have no idea what was in that truck, chickens or pillows or maybe just buckets of feathers, but it was suddenly beautiful. watching them swirl around the road, dancing on the cars, twirling through the air, hypnotic in the setting sun. and the radio man came back on to tell me what i'd been listening to, the soundtrack to my scene: erik satie's gymnopedies, #1-3. i might have laughed. i thought of you immediately, wished you were there. one more of those things that should be shared, but can't. i think you'd have appreciated it.

alright. time for bed, round 2. i hope sleep wins this time.

love, k
cemeterygates From: cemeterygates Date: 29th May 2005 19:03 (UTC) ([+])
Pardon the intrusion into your personal journal, but I couldn't find an email address. You're listed as the moderator of the "thecure" community, and I would like to post something there but I wanted to ask permission first to be sure it would not be unwanted.

Roger O'Donnell (now formerally of the Cure as I'm sure you've heard) has been working with a friend's band here in the states on a few tracks, and they're now up on their myspace site, and I thought I'd post a link to it so folks could check it out. The link is: http://www.myspace.com/polystarmusic

Please let me know if this promotion would be welcome on your
community, if not, no problem, I'll take it elsewhere.

Thanks for your time.
feedthetree From: feedthetree Date: 27th June 2005 13:14 (UTC) ([+])
therobothand From: therobothand Date: 20th October 2005 05:19 (UTC) ([+])
nice icon
7 : xx