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the galleria. - burnt out/still glowing
the galleria.
i was at the Tate tonight for a private viewing of the Turner Whistler Monet exhibition. the wine was yucky and so were the oddly shaped peanuts, but the crisps were lovely.

Turner [romantic wishy warming]
Monet [dreamlike blue inspiring]
Whistler [dank depressing dowdy]

i smuggled out numerous cameraphone photos, despite the decrepit looking security persons and the hoy-paloy of society around.

this is my favourite. a London skyline i'll never see.

8 : xx
From: (Anonymous) Date: 10th April 2005 20:40 (UTC) ([+])

Nothing you haven't heard

And my heart will clench like a fist around your secrets...
Only if...
parisforayear From: parisforayear Date: 10th April 2005 22:39 (UTC) ([+])
Lucky, lucky you! That picture always gave me a funny feeling I could never describe; almost like looking for the first time at a colour I have never seen or heard of before. Strange. But I like it. :)
polyphonic_girl From: polyphonic_girl Date: 13th April 2005 04:03 (UTC) ([+])
For some odd reason I decided to type in the username "loveless" in the search box and see exactly who was the owner of such a perfect username. I am intrigued by your journal and a new live journal user myself. Enlighten me and add me?

From: (Anonymous) Date: 19th April 2005 00:42 (UTC) ([+])
Why do I love you so?
From: (Anonymous) Date: 6th May 2005 20:47 (UTC) ([+])

Love the site

Just wanted you to know that I think this is a great blog,

ginpoet From: ginpoet Date: 6th June 2005 06:44 (UTC) ([+])
I like Whistler's etchings, and his nocturnes. Not so much color... pretty baby!
feedthetree From: feedthetree Date: 27th June 2005 13:25 (UTC) ([+])
this is one of my favourite paintings ever.
From: umbrage_forayer Date: 5th August 2005 14:02 (UTC) ([+])


so, it's not kosher to personally acquire photographs from museums?
here overseas, at some sort of thrift shop, i found a stack of photographs which captured different works of monet and others.
interesting. it is strange to see the photos... sort of to wonder who had taken them.

maybe it was you.
8 : xx