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Lust in Translation - burnt out/still glowing
Lust in Translation

today's class was the most challenging thus far. the task: create a three minute film in three hours based on one of the seven deadly sins. it was pot luck (numbers 1-7) which my group chose, so obviously I chose se7en. I pulled out lust, of course. the best sin invented in the whole wide world! somehow Chris (who looks so much like Harry Potter, he actually fools American girls on chatroulette.com with his magic wand) came up with the inspired title Lust in Translation. our plot: guy sees article in paper about an Italian barmaid who dresses scantily to pull in punters to her bar and he goes on a lecherous search for her. easy choice. we get to sit in a pub boozing and leer at women for 'work''.

might sound simple, but we had to do everything in camera. no editing. no post production. shooting sequentially. record. stop. record. stop. the tutor did not be kind, and let us rewind over mistakes or bad takes. as you can see, we got around the need for titles and end credits by holding up hand scrawled signs to camera. Nik was the salacious star, Chris and I handled the technical stuff. Chris directing, I co-directed and handled sound (music). I chose three songs from my iPhone. an Ennio Morricone piece from A few Dollars More that set the eerie mood of the opening shots, him seeing the article. close-up on eyes. licking lips. inside the pub I picked Temptation by Heaven 17 for shots of Nik seeing the barmaid Shelly. she kindly took part as long as we promised not to put her on a porn site on the internets (I'll put her up on isanyoneup.com right after I've finished writing this). I can't believe she let us do a close-up low angle shot on her bum as she walked up the stairs.

we finished with the reveal he was lusting after a pint of beer all along and not the girl, but finished with the only words in the film, "thank you. cum again any time" said suggestively by Shelly as he walks out of the pub in a long shot. Nik improvised and raised his arm in the air as my third song choice, Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds played over the final shot and credits. yes. total homage to Breakfast Club and John Hughes.

it was a fun learning process for us and good preparation for the real shoot, handling professional equipment worth over 12k next month. our film will be exhibited publicly from May to December to over 100,000+. I've been told I'm the "wordy one" in the group, so I've got to write a script for it this weekend, somehow sculpting Nik's inspired but messy idea. so, no pressure.