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I saw a poem in thepinkhotel years ago and I'd never been able… - burnt out/still glowing
I saw a poem in thepinkhotel years ago and I'd never been able to find it again. I was pretty sure it had the words "park bench alone" in it and it was the best poem I'd ever read. I finally found it. I'd idealised it and it's not as perfect as I remember, as with most things. I bet you can't guess who it's by without googling it.

this tired life
this dusty dream
these April nights
this thunder in a paper cup
all the old ladies alone in rooms
working crossword puzzles
the dead dogs of forever crushed with lolling tongues
the parched innards of mountains aching to scream
what is this gruelling nonsense?
is it the worm crawling toward no paradise?
the scissor in a closed drawer?
young girl giggling and lost in their flesh?
the night and the the day or the day and then the night?
the hammer? the saw?
the mirror which swings open?
what about the dark streets of Dublin?
the last page of the book
the green park bench alone
the last necktie
the last footstep behind you
the incomplete sob of darkness
a wingless bird waiting
a druid in the wasted light
a drunk in the gutter
the singing of fools
the volcano laughing