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[]-.-[] - burnt out/still glowing

roxy music : in every dream home a heartache
slowdive : souvlaki space station
heatmiser : not half right
madeleine peyroux : between the bars
kasabian : cutt off
the source : you got the love
the charlatans : the only one i know
m83 : in the cold i'm standing
the zombies : time of the season
built to spill : velvet waltz
my bloody valentine : clair
prince : controversy
the streets : too much brandy
jeff buckley : haven't you heard?
stone roses : tell me
sly & the family stone : thank you for letting me be myself
the tears : fallen idol
sonic youth : new hampshire
primal scream : miss lucifer
r crumb & the cheap suit serenaders : hula girl
frank sinatra : it was a very good year
talk talk : after the flood
8 : xx
misterfergus From: misterfergus Date: 23rd February 2005 07:20 (UTC) ([+])

i've been searching for ppl with

'the for carnation' under interests. this looks like an awesome mix. name's melissa and i'm up in canada - would you ever be willing to do a trade off mix?
From: (Anonymous) Date: 27th February 2005 01:22 (UTC) ([+])


life passing before your eyes in prose.
vanishing From: vanishing Date: 5th March 2005 22:15 (UTC) ([+])

bottle rocket

loveless tshirt

& i just discovered that my favorite dj on my favorite radio station is president of loveless records in seattle.

it's funny how we intersect.
less like crossroads, more like spiderwebs.
obsessivelyours From: obsessivelyours Date: 14th May 2005 13:03 (UTC) ([+])
hi. we play most the same songs. i've never heard anyone else play miss lucifer out.

i run a weekly party in nyc called loveless tuesdays. if you're ever around, let me know.

loveless From: loveless Date: 21st July 2005 07:19 (UTC) ([+])
i didn't see this till now. do you DJ?
obsessivelyours From: obsessivelyours Date: 22nd October 2005 18:51 (UTC) ([+])
yes, i do. not a weekly party anymore though.
loveless From: loveless Date: 22nd November 2005 01:09 (UTC) ([+])
DJ Love without the less.
doritoz From: doritoz Date: 29th December 2005 04:21 (UTC) ([+])

all of us sing about it...... just express it

hey. not proud, just shy. not ignoring you just fascinated and trying not to let a self down. goot taste in music. love it. your writing rocks. it's hard for me to express it adequitely, probably because that isnt attainable. but maybe you get the message nonetheless? please write more, and sometime could you add me back? :)
8 : xx