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hey, sugar plum - burnt out/still glowing
hey, sugar plum

I went to my second ballet tonight, second ballet of the year actually, after 29 years of no ballet at all. I saw The Nutcracker. I took mum as one of her Christmas presents. I was a little apprehensive at first, as it was introduced for some inexplicable reason by some fag winner from that reality tv shit X-Factor, so my heart sank and I started playing Words With Friends on my phone like the aloof elitist snob I am. once he'd finished singing Silent Night and something else about god and angels, the real show began!

I was so impressed by the set designs and lighting. if I had seen this as a child, I think I might have believed in dreams becoming real. I might even have liked it more than Romeo and Juliet. I loved the rats running across the floor, the magican's tricks, the way the xmas tree overtook the stage and the old fogey dance. I want to take a girl to go see Swan Lake with me someday. to complete my set. am I missing any other big ballets I should know? I thought I was quite cultured, but I realise I know nothing about this corner of the musical world.

I bonded with the couple sitting next to me and mum at intermission. the man kept falling asleep and his wife kept nudging him. he said he preferred coming to this arena to watch Federer beat Nadal in the tennis. he mentioned liking seeing "that blind tenor bloke Andrea Bocelli" tho, and I made some wisecrack asking if there's a guide dog on stage with him, and he was belly laughing during very shhhh moments. a fine night. a quite lovely Christmas, too. I just wanted to make it special for my mum.
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bakatenshi From: bakatenshi Date: 28th December 2011 05:02 (UTC) ([+])
I wonder how different it is in person, now, than the tv version I saw as a kid. Technology must help a bit with sets and etc.
loveless From: loveless Date: 28th December 2011 11:13 (UTC) ([+])
the magician really did magic tricks and when the soldiers fought the rats, they brought out a canon, it lit up and went BOOM! it scared me. my favourite part was from the photo I posted at the beginning of act II, she comes floating in and there's a screen in front so it appears like a blur, a dream. the word magical doesn't so that scene justice.
2 : xx