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Nick Griffin refuses to give me his autograph! - burnt out/still glowing
Nick Griffin refuses to give me his autograph!

Frank's election agent has been mistaken for the BNP's Nick Griffin at least 50 times this week. That is not an understatement. Everywhere we go he causes chaos, people giving second looks. Concerned looks. Before it was a bit of a joke in the office, now it's rather serious. He could be costing Frank votes. He's getting people tooting up as they drive by, doing the White Power signal with their arm. He really must get a trim up or wear a bowler hat, or get out of his only suit. I'm sure he was born in it.

This week has been quite physically draining. Spent a couple of days pounding the pavement in Barking for hours and hours. Feet burning, brain turning to mush. All the houses look alike so it's hard to tell where you are or if you've been down a certain neighbourhood before. Most houses and cars have Union Jack's flying from them. I really hadn't seen such a sight since Euro 96.

I think I finally know all the stations now, and there's a pub we've been in a couple of times which is really welcoming, even tho it's West Ham. The chips were tasty and the barmaids are proper east end girls, no hoity toityness yuppydom about them at all. Quality.

We've held many a summit meeting in Wimpy and stumbled into one of Frank's rivals, the Lib Dem.

He was funny and laughed when I gave him a "Vote Frank" badge to wear, which he took!


Frank and I broke up the week by taking a train ride to the South coast. Frank spoke at Southampton University to a few students and potential UKIP voters and I filmed it. The guy standing there, John Meropoulos, a Canadian Greek met us in his Range Rover and was a thoroughly nice chap. He doesn't stand a chance of winning, but wants to disrupt the Conservatives by stealing a few votes away from them, to help the Lib Dem's win the seat.

We also went to a Boxing Gym, a bit of filming and mixing with the local lads and it was a mad rush back to the station to make it back to London. We had the train times wrong tho, so we were OK.

I'm looking forward to the final weekend of campaigning and seeing the reaction of Barking people to Lord Pearson (UKIP's leader), who is stepping out of his life of luxury and into the bedlam of Barking


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