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Miles and miles away from home again... - burnt out/still glowing
Miles and miles away from home again...


90 minutes further down the line and we're at our next stop. The train takes a winding route between cliffs and raging sea up, smashing up against the rocks. You feel like you're teetering on the edge of the world. It reminded me of living in California and taking the car down the coast with my ex girlfriend, one wrong move and you're a goner. This train carriage was apparently one of the first 13 in the world to have seat back TV's. The touch screen journey map was great, much like a plane. The selection of old TV shows which you have to pay for, not so great.

We arrived and were greeted by Andrew Leigh, the UKIP candidate for Plymouth and his old 12 yr old dog Schaeffer. He took us to the Invicta Hotel, which was right on The Hoe. It was much cleaner and fresher looking than Exeter, but the room was tiny. I was up in the attic, basically.

We met up with Bill Wakeham, the other UKIP candiate for Plymouth. He also had his doggy and we were taken on a light spot of canvassing, which seemed more like a sightseeing tour guide holiday to me and Frank. Beautiful sunshine, sea air. We had lunch, cheesy chips and a vanilla milkshake for me and it was off to the UKIP Shop. Yes, they have placed UKIP on pens, hoodies, stickers and every other thing you can imagine. A brick had come through the window twice, so maybe people prefer shopping at JD Sports?

Andrew took us back to his place for a cup of tea, the boxing meet didn't work out so we had a few hours to kill before Frank spoke again at the Hyde Park social club. Frank spoke well, and apart from his pulpit falling apart and distracting him, I think he will only get better with each reading. We headed for a curry with Andrew after, and I can safely say I'm a curry connoisseur but I had never tasted such a hot madras! I've done vindaloos before and this was way hotter. I was sweating, eyes watering. The cobra beer did not help. I got back to the hotel and fell asleep burning, watching Question Time...

The set-up and organisation of the Plymouth branch of UKIP really put Exeter to shame. If any UKIP candiates get elected to Parliament, they will surely come from Plymouth. Good luck to Bill and Andy, thoroughly nice blokes. Thanks for the hospitality and tour guide!


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