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Stop the presses: Maloney eats! - burnt out/still glowing
Stop the presses: Maloney eats!

A break away from London in the South West, and the rare sight of Frank eating and sleeping. A bit of sea air has revitalised Frank for the 3 weeks of campaigning left. While still working non-stop and helping out the other candidates in Exeter and Plymouth, I could see the tension drift away from Frank as we walked along the sea-front.


A two hour journey from Paddington and we arrive at St. David's station, Exeter. An old chap with a giant UKIP sign on the side of his Range Rover meets us, and sort of points the way for us to shuffle to the hotel/pub with our bags.

I had to change my room because the window would not close, so I ended up with a double-bed and an extra bed for my camera. Huge rooms, but the decor was dowdy. Typical pub fair. The young receptionist kept giving me the eye and made an awkward joke when I asked her if I could film 'inside', but fair play. She must have been bored working in this place.

We went on to the Heavitree social club, where I filmed Frank's first public reading of his speech. I thought it went down well and I hope I did OK shooting it (I'm learning on the job as a cameraman, and was distracted by watching the Gunners/Spurs game out of the corner of my eye). The Exeter candidate was a heavy-set bloke, who sweated profusely, he wouldn't have looked amiss in an episode of The Sopranos. He barely strung a couple of words together for his constituents. The chairman was an eloquent speaker, but we later found out he was spouting a load of nonsense. His facts were pulled out of thin air.

After, the Exeter mob took as to a family run Italian restaurant. Frank and I stepped out of the Range Rover and looked at one another. The gaff was completely empty apart from one guy sitting on his own in the corner. Not a good sign for a restaurant at all. The grub was alright, except the garlic bread didn't taste like it had garlic in it and my spicy pizza wasn't spicy and was overcooked. I was hungry, so I noshed it all down, with some red wine.


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