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Sod's Law - burnt out/still glowing
Sod's Law

note: I don't advocate UKIP. I only work here! I like this poster tho.

The busiest week yet (and we're only at Tuesday). Monday was the definitive calm before the storm, spent in office, doing work on the website. My first taste of the much heralded Deep Blue chip shop in Chislehurst high street. I sampled chicken and chips, while sitting next to the pond, watching a couple of frisky ducks go at it.

Tuesday was an early start, heading up to Westminster for the UKIP manifesto launch at the swanky Atrium restaurant. Frank and I arrived to find Nigel Farage smoking a fag outside with Lord Pearson's bit of fluff. Shaking the hands of millionaires, with a bit of the "hello old, boy" thrown in. My job today was to shoot everything.

I used the video camera at the boxing show in Leigh last month, so I knew my way around it (sort of, except when it starts buzzing at me and turns itself off). Andy, the other press officer with the journalism degree, gave me a few pointers on panning, still shots and cut aways, but forget to tell me that your arm will eventually fall asleep holding it up!

It was an experience standing next to Andrew Neil, John Pinar and other journalistic luminaries. The restaurant, basically right next to Parliament, was beautiful and full of shimmering glass and light. I'm not sure why the UKIP heads chose to pick a dark corner of it to hold the actual press conference and shove all the camera crews and snappers in there, it was stuffy as a cupboard. Everyone was sweating their bollocks and proverbiial tits off.

This crash course in the media world, with BBC, SKY and ITV all jostling for position, trying to knock me out of the way, I felt I held my own with these jackals.

Onwards and downwards (we're off to Devon tomorrow).


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