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The sun rises and sets in Barking - burnt out/still glowing
The sun rises and sets in Barking

Last night I saw the sun set while at the Barking Boxing Gym (in Dagenham).

Frank was filming for the UKIPPERS party political broadcast and one take Maloney didn't let the side down. A dab of make-up, a cup of tea and no need for autocue. Things are moving fast now and the Barking Chat Newsletter is going out and is getting pretty damn decent responses from the locals.

Frank treated me to a burger, fries and coke after for dinner (FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD!) keeping up my health regime, trying to match Frank's gigantic election agent Kerry, in the devouring of unhealthy grubstakes.

This morning I saw the sun rise while traveling back to Becontree station with Frank to meet the morning commute once again.

Andy was there before us and napping (as always), and I think I knocked 7 years off his life by banging on his driverside window, startling the poor bloke to death. Sorry mate!

With the sun shining down on us, I was bopping along to The Prodigy while I greeted the punters, matching any premier league quality BIG ISSUE seller. Frank and Andy were hard at work handing out the Barking Chat too, but poor old Kerry seemed out for the count. At one point he was sitting at the bus stop, picking his nose and ea... I'm not gonna finish that that sentence!

Onward and upward!


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