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More, boy?! - burnt out/still glowing
More, boy?!

You know that scene in Oliver Twist where he says "please sir, I want some more". Well, that was myself and Andy on Monday. A nice drive down to the south coast with Frank, we were greeted by pebbled beaches and overcast skies. We took in a little IT education from Frank's website man, five of us sitting around typing away. A true mac club. We then went on to watch Frank open a local gym. I shook hands with the gym owner and noticed his Freemasonry ring only after, so couldn't give the secret grip. I'm out of the magic circle now!

It was approaching 4pm and we hadn't eaten since 7am, so surprisingly, we were feeling a little peckish. We suggested perhaps picking up some chips on the seafront, before rushing back to London for Frank to get to a dinner in time. Frank was not happy with this. "please sir, I want some more" has become "please sir, can I have something in the first place before I faint".

The drive back wasn't just notable for chips and battered sausage. The BBC called for a radio interview with Frank to comment on Harry Carpenter's death. We pulled over in a tiny country village in the middle of nowhere, and Frank recollected the boxing legend live to the reporter.

I hadn't written a press release or worked on a macbook before starting here, now I'm doing both regularly and am starting to find my feet on macs, after being a windows man all my life. It is an artform in itself putting Frank's dictation into perfect English, but my father uses similar expressions and terminology and I'm an old head, so it's easier than a sprog would find it, I suppose.

We spent Thursday in wonderous drizzling Barking, Frank worked the commuters as they hustled and bustled to work, like a preacher converting the unsuspecting flock, spreading the good word. GLORY AMEN! I'd never seen the Border Patrol outside of the TV show before, watching them whip away unsuspecting Romanians, Poles and every other nation under the hazy sun from outside Barking Station was highly entertaining.

We walked the market, speaking to the stall holders and stopping off in a local cafe for some tea and crumpet, before heading back to the office for more tea, tea, with a little work thrown in.

Onwards and upwards.


Cross-posted to maloney4mp.co.uk.

Cartoon © George Cruikshank