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Order! Order! - burnt out/still glowing
Order! Order!

I've been working for Frank for a week now. In that time I've been to a UKIP meeting in Hornchurch and seen the passion for change in Britain and the inner turmoil within the grassroots of the party preventing them from taking that final step into mainstream party politics.

I took a long and politically informative drive with Frank's election agent Kerry to the front line of the campaign at a freezing railway station in Barking, watching Frank tackle the locals one on one and seeing some of the vitriolic responses of people, mostly BNP, whose insular radical views may never be changed.

For the majority of the week, I've been working out of Frank's office in Chislehurst and have been welcomed with stressful open arms by Andy, James and Deb. Having only briefly sampled the local cuisine, a very tasty kebab from The Chestnut, I look forward to delving into the other cafes, restaurants and eventually the pub! I've learnt a valuable lesson in tea drinking. Let it sit for an hour before drinking, because somehow the Mirage cafe boils the water so hot, your tongue will be numb for two days after.

Altho I am primarily here to work on Frank's political campaign, his dual life as a boxing promoter and passion for sport was one of the initial reasons that sparked my interest in the job. Why would anybody want to work for a dull career politician? That is mind boggling. The walls of his offices are covered in nostalgia; belts, posters, signed memorabilia from the boxing and sporting world at large, a LOT of Millwall rarities. It's hard to know where to look when you first walk in. So when Frank invited me up to Leigh (a dead and alive hole between Wigan and Manchester) to watch his latest boxing extravaganza, I jumped at the chance.

As soon as you step out of the car you know you're in the North. The smell of cow shit hits you like a bolt of lightning. Baring in mind this is the first time I've ever been to a live boxing match, I'm not completely virginal to the sport. I grew up on ITV coverage and fights between Benn and Eubank. Tyson and Bruno. That image of Michael Watson laying still in the ring in 1991 still resonates with me to this day.

I loved the experience. The main event was a slog for Arthur (the challenger), but he put up a brave performance agains the undefeated champ Lindsay, who won on points. The under card was incredibly entertaining. I caught most of the fights, while also helping out when needed by Deb and James in the ticket office and filming and taking photos with Andy. For most of the night I had strategically placed myself behind the bikini clad card girls and judging by a wink the paramedic sitting the other side of the girls gave me, I can safely say, it was the best seat in the house.

Onwards and upwards...


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