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solitary man. - burnt out/still glowing
solitary man.
Belinda was mine
'til the time
that I found her
holdin' Jim
and lovin' him

then Sue came along
loved me strong
that's what i thought
but me and Sue
that died, too

i've had it to here
being where
love's a small world
a part time thing
a paper ring
i know it's been done
havin' one
girl who loves you
right or wrong
weak or strong
3 : xx
From: (Anonymous) Date: 25th December 2004 20:28 (UTC) ([+])

Continue. . .to illude. . .Infinite I feel. . .we all feel.

Vacant mind Unfathomable reveries still I find Struggle not I withstand What lies here still on forbidden land Monosyllabic gestures offer a kindly hand I take In gullible restraint Stranded I am
From: (Anonymous) Date: 25th December 2004 20:32 (UTC) ([+])

I am, who is not.

Consumption of, of time I waste.
Assumption of, of lust I take.
Troglyditic minds they wait; for not what is pursued. They gather dust instead. Waiting.
From: (Anonymous) Date: 25th December 2004 20:34 (UTC) ([+])

Re: I am, who is not.

3 : xx