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erode. - burnt out/still glowing
you and i
are like two sand banks
of an ancient river

weathering the storm

sometimes wide apart
mostly close together

by nature
joined forever

something mighty flowing
between us
4 : xx
apriliciouz From: apriliciouz Date: 3rd December 2004 04:47 (UTC) ([+])
ok so im sorry to bother you, i was just noticing that you dont update much and was wondering if you would maybe be willing to give up this journal?
From: (Anonymous) Date: 30th December 2004 22:25 (UTC) ([+])
its been given an taken in despair....
From: (Anonymous) Date: 31st December 2004 19:27 (UTC) ([+])

I dislike...

You do it. And nothing good will come... I hate you.
doritoz From: doritoz Date: 29th December 2005 03:30 (UTC) ([+])
joined by the space between you
4 : xx