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20 October
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a place to bury strangers, adrian tomine, after hours, alfred hitchcock, apocalypse now, arab strap, arrested development, astrobrite, batman the animated series, bella baby, belong, bethany curve, billy chenowith, black christmas, books in the bathtub, breaking bad, built to spill, burial, caddyshack, catherine wheel, charles bukowski, cherry coke, chicken tikka masala, chupa chups, curb your enthusiasm, days of heaven, dead man, dick miller, don draper, drive, dune by dior, dylan thomas, eerie indiana, enantiadromiacs, erik satie, fantasy basketball, father ted, folie à deux, friends that don't disappear, fright night, frozen strawberry margarita, fun run, ghost dog, ghost world, gir, girls that don't snore, golden state warriors, gregg araki, gustav klimt, haikus, haruki murakami, headhunters, heat, henri matisse, henry miller, hitomi tanaka, hope always hope, hum, hunter s. thompson, iphone, it's always sunny in philadelphia, jim jarmusch, jimmy stewart, joy division, low, lush, m83, mark kozelek, millwall, my bloody valentine, mysterious skin, neil young, new order, not on the rocks, onion rings, only lovers left alive, orange tic-tacs, peep show, placebo, police squad, predator, rainer maria rilke, ray-ban aviators, robert smith, run away with me, san francisco, scott pilgrim vs. the world, se7en, seinfeld, shame, shoegaze, six feet under, slap and tickle, slowdive, socks socks socks socks, songs: ohia, south east london, strawberry story, submarine, sunny day real estate, swervedriver, terrence malick, terry richardson the 'burbs, the black heart procession, the cherry wave, the cure, the december sound, the doom generation, the good the bad and the ugly, the jesus and mary chain, the kvb, the lost boys, the magnetic fields, the pastels, the place beyond the pines, the prisoner, the sopranos, the thing, the wire, the x-files, trembling blue stars, true detective, wes anderson, window seats on planes, words with friends, yo la tengo
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